What is KABAYAN Party List?

KaBaYan Core Advocacies_1

KABAYAN is a COMELEC-accredited party-list that seeks your vote in the May elections for a seat in Congress. Kabayan Party List is listed as #30 in the ballot for the 2016 elections.

What are KABAYAN’s core advocacies?

KABAYAN promotes the full realization of the economic, social and cultural rights of all Filipinos, particularly the marginalized. KABAYAN’s core advocacies are summarized in the acronym “KABAYAN +2”.

KAlusugan! Government should uphold every person’s right to health, and to the provision of accessible, quality and compassionate health services. The party-list pursues legislation that shall ensure universal health insurance coverage, which shall ensure free medical services to the poor and underprivileged Filipinos.

paBAhay! The party-list pursues legislation for the creation of a Department of Housing to assist homeless Filipinos through a comprehensive housing program that covers housing finance, rationale land use, and active community support to ensure affordable and decent shelter.

kabuhaYAN! The party-list promotes capability-building in cooperativism and micro-financing for micro, small and medium enterprises to benefit more families in every community.

Finally, “+2” refers to KABAYAN’s advocacies in (1) upholding the right to education of every Filipino, particularly the children; and (2) supporting overseas Filipino workers. KABAYAN will work for enhanced policies and programs to address the distinctive needs of youth and students for quality education and training; and, for technical and financial assistance for OFWs to encourage entrepreneurship and homecoming.

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